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Dried Flowers: Unveiling the Uses and Benefits

In the past, flowers were dried for various purposes, ranging from medicinal use to home decoration. Let’s discovering more about dried flower on this blog.

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When I see dried flowers, it reminds me of fall and makes me feel warm inside. Instead of just putting gifted bouquets in a vase for decoration, we can dry them out and use them in different ways. This lets us enjoy them for a longer time, give them new purposes, or keep them as reminders of special moments.

The History of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have a long history and many purposes, from medicine to art. For example, in Japan (around the 16th century), the art of “Oshibana” means pressing dried flowers onto washi (traditional Japanese paper) to create delicate artwork. The resulting pieces were inspired by nature, reflecting the deep respect for flowers and nature in Japanese culture, a form of art that has continued worldwide.

Aside from art, dried flowers also have medicinal uses. During medieval times in Europe, certain herbs and flowers played a significant role in medicine. People often collected these flowers and herbs, brought them home to dry, and used them for making tea, poultices, and other applications. For instance, dried chamomile flowers or lavender can be used to make tea that relaxes the body, improves sleep, or helps balance the digestive system.

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The Benefits of Dried Flowers

  • Home Decoration

For anyone wishing to give their home a more natural feeling or add a unique touch to their home. Dried flowers are a good choice by placing them in different corners or arranging them in large bouquets in the center of the dining table. Using your favorite dried flowers in a frame as wall decor can invigorate and stylize your home with just a few blooms.

  • Wedding Decorations

Dried flowers are increasingly popular as wedding decor elements. Many brides choose to carry bouquets of dried flowers instead of fresh ones. They are used as centerpieces on guest tables or an integral part of bohemian-themed weddings. The longevity of dried flowers allows the couple to keep the bouquets as mementos and a reminder of their precious memories.

  • Pressed Flower Art

Simply place dried flowers between two sheets of paper, weigh them down, and leave for 1-2 days. Afterward, you can frame the flowers as you like and use them to decorate your home.

  • Potpourri

Serving as an alternative to air fresheners. Mix dried flowers with your favorite essential oils, such as cinnamon or rosemary, and place them in a container or jar. You can put them in different corners of your home for an aromatic atmosphere.

  • Bath Products

After a stressful day of work, coming home to a relaxing bath is a great relief. However, a plain bath can be boring! so why not add some dried flowers like rose petals or lavender to the bathwater along with your favorite bath bombs? This will make your bathing experience more relaxing and enjoyable. For those who don’t have a bathtub at home, try hanging eucalyptus sprigs from the showerhead. When the eucalyptus gets steamed up, the oils in the leaves will be released, providing a relaxing atmosphere similar to a spa-like shower.

  • Confetti

Confetti is often used for fun and beauty in many celebrations. However, we can switch from paper to dried flowers, such as lavender or delphinium. Not only does this help save the environment, but it also adds a beautiful scent to the event.

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Dried Flowers: Unveiling the Uses and Benefits 1

There are many ways to use dried flowers, whether for beautifying the home or for various significant events. Most importantly, dried flowers can stay with us for a long time. Recently, I had a chance to visit a secondhand bookstore and found a book that teaching about how to make dried flowers, what to do, what equipment is needed, and steps from planting to harvesting and drying flowers. The content was quite intriguing! For those interested, you might want to check out the book “Everlasting: How to grow, Harvest, and create with dried flowers” by Bex Partridge. It’s worth checking out!